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Audiopilot support the Rock For Life campaign. We want to raise awareness and money for the cause. We have done a lunch-time gig at school in its aid. Here is the low-down; please take the time to read it and do what you can to help.

What is ‘Rock for life?’

Rock for life is the campaign which Kerrang! is promoting for the Samaritans.

It is aimed at teenagers and young adults up to the age of 25, helping them through bad times by promoting the usage of the Samaritans’ hotline.

One of the founding members of the campaign was the front man of ‘Funeral for a Friend’ (great band!) - Matt Davies, who said to Kerrang!:

“It’s a great idea to bring Kerrang! and Samaritans together. Kids often look into rock band’s lyrics and take comfort in them. I’ve had e-mails from fans who’ve said our songs have got them through tough times. But people who’ve got deeper troubles have the option to talk to someone on the phone when they feel they can’t turn to their friends for help. Samaritans are there and they’ll listen to you and can really help.”

Suicide figures are extremely high, especially in young people.

The Samaritans’ hotline is open 24/7 and helps people experiencing distress or despair, including the suicidal. However, it relies on voluntary support, which is why raising money is very important.


How can you help?

Like ‘Make povery history,’ Rock for Life has its own wristband, which you can buy here: or on 01227 811 656.

They cost 1 per band, with a minimum order of 5 bands and 1.50 p&p.




And finally…

Don’t suffer in silence.

Remember that if you need to talk to someone, the Samaritans are always there for you on:

08457 90 90 90 (local rate)

Or you can email to:


The Samaritans’ website:

The Kerrang website: