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Short Version

Audiopilot are a 5-piece, mid teen, girl band from the West Midlands, and formed in the spring of 2005. Basically, Nat, Grace and Marie met up at Grace's house with their guitars and bashed out their own version of Green Day's 'Wake me up when September ends' and carried on playing that damn song, eventually adding a keyboardist (ZoŽ) and a Drummer (Chazwick). They've played several gigs already, and are playing loads more covers as well as some of their own self-written songs.



Long Version

Grace badgered on at Nat sayin that they shud start a band. This went on for quite some time, until Nat rang Grace up and asked if she wanted 2 do something for the school cabaret. Grace said okay. Nat said she was thinkin about 'Wake me up when September ends'. Grace said okay. Nat said if they should ask Marie if she wanted to play bass. Grace said okay. Nat was thinkin about askin ZoŽ if she wanted to play the keyboards. Grace said okay. Nat said if they should ask Charl if she wanted to play the drums. Grace said okay. Nat said they were gonna need a place to practise. Grace said they could practise at her house.

They played in the school cabaret, got asked to play in the house assemblies at the end of term, they asked to play a charity concert (see rock for life page), and then they were asked if they would like to play in "Sold Out" - a Christian service like thing where loads of bands can play and people generally hav fun. They said okay. They played about six songs for their charity concert, all covers, but are now preparing some self-written songs for other concerts, including 'Just 15' and 'Let go'. :D